100 Things I’ve Done in My Lifetime


I sat down a couple of weeks ago and, instead of writing a bucket list, I wrote a list of interesting things I’ve already seen, done, and accomplished in my lifetime. It got a lot of positive feedback on Facebook so I thought I’d post a longer version here on the blog. Each section is as chronological as it can be and I’ve included links to more info wherever I could. Some of the things on this list are great, some are mundane, and some are simply things that most people don’t get around to. But, they’re all true. “What will your verse be?

Work and Education

(1) Got suspended from middle school for fighting
(2) Took part in a summer camp for gifted kids
(3) Played Santa Claus at the mall
(4) Delivered pizza for Domino’s and Papa John’s
(5) Co-hosted a successful radio show
(6) Studied German in Bremen, Germany
(7) Attained a masters degree in American Literature
(8) Attained CELTA certification
(9) Taught kindergarten and elementary school students in Korea



(10) Wrote columns for two newspapers
(11) Won a writing contest in Arizona
(12) Wrote an award-winning short play
(13) Won a writing contest in Australia
(14) Had two articles published by the Ludwig von Mises Institute


(15) Saw the Glenn Miller Orchestra
(16) Toured Graceland
(17) Toured Sun Records and saw Jerry Lee Lewis in concert
(18) Saw the The Phantom of the Opera, Cats, and Wicked
(19) Played guitar, sang, and wrote lyrics as part of a garage band
(20) Saw Marilyn Manson at the height of his controversy
(21) Saw Black Sabbath (all original members)
(22) Saw Nirvana, David Bowie, and Prince in concert
(23) Saw the White Stripes in Southaven, MS
(24) Attended the Chicago Blues Festival

Celebrity Encounters


(25) Wrote Jim Davis (creator of Garfield) a fan letter and got a signed response
(26) Wrote Stephen King a fan letter and got a signed response
(27) Met a ton of WWF wrestlers
(28) Interviewed Senator Trent Lott
(29) Met Megadeth
(30) Gave Eli Manning shit at Domino’s Pizza
(31) Saw Muhammad Ali in person
(32) Met Richard Dawkins
(33) Met Salman Rushdie


(34) Went inner tubing in San Antonio
(35) Beat Mike Tyson’s Punch Out
(36) Rode a horse
(37) Rode a camel
(38) Took a trip on a riverboat
(39) Ate barbecue at Rendezvous in Memphis
(40) Partied on Beale Street in Memphis
(41) Partied on Bourbon Street in New Orleans
(42) Went to Mardi Gras in New Orleans
(43) Watched the New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl
(44) Partied on Texas Street in Busan, South Korea.
(45) Bowled a 2-Turkey game
(46) Set a high score on “Cadillacs and Dinosaurs”
(47) Went canoeing



(48) Was an altar boy
(49) Sponsored a candidate for RCIA
(50) Watched Into Great Silence in one sitting
(51) Partook of a St. Joseph Altar
(52) Ate a Jewish seder meal
(53) Witnessed a Mormon baptism
(54) Visited Buddhist temples in Gyeongju, South Korea
(55) Attended a temple stay



(56) Went to Disney World
(57) Went to Opryland
(58) Visited the Alamo
(59) Toured caverns in San Antonio
(60) Toured theĀ Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans
(61) Visited Washington, D.C.
(62) Toured the Holocaust Museum
(63) Toured the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga
(64) Toured JFK’s assassination site
(65) Attended the Tennessee Williams Festival in Clarksdale, MS
(66) Went to the top of the Sears Tower in Chicago
(67) Went to the Hamburg Art Museum
(68) Stood at the shore of the North Sea
(69) Stood in the ocean in Guam
(70) Ran through the Louvre and saw the Mona Lisa
(71) Attended the Bloomsday festivities in Dublin
(72) Climbed Mount Fuji
(73) Went to the Beijing Zoo
(74) Toured the Forbidden City
(75) Walked on the Great Wall of China
(76) Saw the set of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”
(77) Went to Hershey, PA
(78) Visited the Andy Warhol Museum
(79) Visited Andy Warhol’s grave
(80) Walked Mapo Bridge in Seoul

Interesting or Bizarre Accomplishments

(81) Got stung by a bee
(82) Performed a stand-up comedy routine
(83) Was a Cub Scout and earned the Bobcat and Wolf badges
(84) Was on a tee-ball team that lost every game
(85) Touched the bottom of the Biloxi Natatorium pool (12 ft.)
(86) Had a mullet
(87) Sumo wrestled (in costume)
(88) Appeared on local news opinion show
(89) Saw Star Wars re-releases in the theater
(90) Karaoked “Sweet Child O’Mine” in a chipmunk voice (got standing ovation)
(91) Became a lifetime member of Graceland Too
(92) Won a “Stella!” shouting contest
(93) Made a cake for a baking contest
(94) Gave my best friend away at her wedding
(95) Snuck an organ out of a monastery
(96) Read The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged cover to cover
(97) Told fortunes at the Barnes & Noble release party of the last Harry Potter book
(98) Made a roomful of zombies in a Halloween haunted house laugh
(99) Set up a haunted house
(100) Attended a dinner theater murder mystery (won an award)

What kinds of things would I find on your list, dear readers?

About J. Wiltz

"Well, you know, there really isn't very much to say about me." - Andy Warhol
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