Free the Hyehwa Raccoon

cafe flyer

Hello everyone. I’m posting this here in the hope that someone in Seoul will know who I can contact about an animal welfare issue. Please share it with anyone who might be able to help. Thank you!

Last week some friends and I went to a new meerkat cafe in Hyehwa (name and contact information can be found in the picture above). Among the random animals on display was a solitary raccoon. I am very concerned about this raccoon for a number of reasons.

1) When we first arrived my friends and I were told not to touch the raccoon and to keep him at a distance. Thus, he has no interaction with other raccoons and only limited interaction with people. He spent a great deal of time pacing back and forth in a small corner. One is forced to wonder why he is there.

2) The cafe is also home to a large yellow Lab. The raccoon, following his instincts, tried several times to sneak food from the dog’s bowl. The dog then angrily chased the frightened raccoon away. While we were there, the dog cornered the raccoon twice and the raccoon seemed ready to attack. The cafe staff said they are trying to make the raccoon and dog “into friends” but I can’t see this ending well for one or the other. (Note: the dog is too big for a cafe this size and was frequently penned in a corner with little room to move when he wasn’t chasing the raccoon.)

3) When the raccoon was not moving from one side of the room to the other, trying to avoid the dog, he was housed in a small cage that left him little room to move or climb.

I have nothing personal against this cafe, but it saddens me to think that this poor raccoon spends his days alone either cramped in a cage or living in fear of a dog. The staff was friendly, but they did not seem to have any special training that would allow them to separate the two animals if the situation ever became violent. I think it would be wise for one of the animals (preferably the raccoon) to be relocated to a safer environment where he will not be harmed or harm any other animals.

Please direct this to anyone who may be able to help. I’m sorry I do not have more videos and pictures. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Please help if you can,

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