Fun With Crappy Modern Art

And so it came to pass that my buddy Jason and I, having just finished dinner at Subway with two female companions who wish to remain anonymous, discovered the following sculpture in the Pyeongchon E-Mart courtyard:

bullshit modern art 003

I’m sure the “artist” responsible for this piece thought he/she was making some bold, profound statement about the challenges of modern humanity. Mankind feels trapped and isolated in this consumerist wasteland. Yes, we have Subway and E-Mart within walking distance of one another, but what about our inner beings? Happiness is futility, because we will never truly escape from, like, despair and stuff.

But – surprise surprise – Jason and I didn’t see it like that. Instead of the loneliness and futility of modern life, we saw an unfinished mannequin who was just begging for a break from its crappy post-postmodern existence. And we were happy to oblige. As the girls looked on in embarrassed amusement…

We hooked the sculpture up with a cold one. 

bullshit modern art 014

We helped him relax with some old school jams.

bullshit modern art 011

We made him aware of the human rights abuses occurring just a few hours north of where we were standing.

bullshit modern art 008

We found him a nice girl to party with.

bullshit modern art 019

And because his arms were pinned down and he couldn’t defend himself

bullshit modern art 018

bullshit modern art 017

These aren’t the first crimes I’ve committed against a statue of course:


And this isn’t my first post about weird art in Korea. But I’d like to think that this is the first time when the crappy modern sculpture would thank me if it could. Really, when was the last time it had this much fun on a Friday night? 🙂

About J. Wiltz

"Well, you know, there really isn't very much to say about me." - Andy Warhol
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