Goth-nam Style: Pics from the Tim Burton Art Exhibit in Seoul

Last week, as most of you probably heard, our friendly neighbors to the north threatened to start a new Korean war, complete with an ominous promise to turn Seoul into a “sea of fire“. Like everyone else here in the South, I was so deeply disturbed by these threats that I….went to the Tim Burton art exhibition at the Seoul Museum of Art last Sunday.

I first heard about this exhibit way back in February when my friend Jenna posted several pics from her visit on Facebook. I’ve had plans to go ever since then, but being the busy procrastinator that I am, I waited until the very last day to attend.  Fortunately, the museum is walking distance from the building where I’m currently taking my CELTA course, so it was easy to walk over and buy my tickets after class last Saturday.


Among the highlights: I got to see Edward Scissorhands’s topiary deer (seen on the far left side of the pic above), along with one of Johnny Depp’s costumes. A lot of the models from The Nightmare Before Christmas were there too, including the collection of heads that were used to make Jack Skellington’s various facial expressions. Oh, and Sweeney Todd’s razors. 🙂

The whole thing was set up really well. Each Tim Burton movie had its own little area of the exhibit space – Mars Attacks here, Sleepy Hollow there, Ed Wood over this way. And on top of all that stuff, the entire first floor gallery was packed with images from Tim Burton’s sketchbooks and home movies. I wish I could have taken pics, but there were security guards all over the place reminding everyone that photography was a big no-no.



It’s worth noting that the lines to get into this damn thing were ridiculously long (by noon on Sunday the wait time exceeded four hours). So, a very special thanks to my friend Miriam for tipping me off that I needed to get there early. I arrived at 9:15 am and walked right in when they opened at 10.



Would I have been willing to wait four hours if I hadn’t gotten there early? It’s hard to say. I’ve long maintained that only about half of Tim Burton’s movies are actually any good.  In my estimation, Edward Scissorhands is his masterpiece. Following that, his short films (Vincent and Frankenweenie), Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Beetlejuice, Ed Wood, the Batman movies (especially the second one), and more recently Sweeney Todd and Dark Shadows are the real standouts. Of course I love The Nightmare Before Christmas too, but – rarely acknowledged fact – Tim Burton didn’t actually direct that movie, so I don’t know if it really counts.


But, don’t let me get carried away with my film-snobby assessment of Tim Burton’s body of work here (though, needless to say, I will go into more detail if anyone wants me to). The simple long and short of it is that it was an excellent exhibit and I’m glad I had a chance to see it.


To close this off, I now give you Kevin Smith’s take on Tim Burton from An Evening with Kevin Smith. If you haven’t seen this, take 10 minutes out and watch it. I promise you, you won’t regret it. ***STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING***

More from me soon, dear readers.
Closing question: What’s your favorite Tim Burton movie?

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