Halloween 2012!

At long last, I finally have some time to post a few Halloween pics today. (Special thanks to Yuri for doing such an awesome job behind the camera.) Enjoy. And please feel free to add your own captions in the comments.

#1: Behind the scenes, Big Bad and Little Red were actually pretty cool with each other.

#2: “Help!” cried the wolf. “Somebody get PETA on the phone!”

#3: Spooking it up with our friends and neighbors in Cougar Class.

#4: A princess + a bat = a princess making this face.

#5: Ricky wins the smile contest. 

#6: WHAT?

#7: Look at me, being all teacherly and stuff.

#8: My boys, my boys.

#9: Kitty Kate

#10: Halloween — bringing heroes and villains together for a day.

#11: The Princess Club

#12: “ANOTHER Power Ranger? Get outta here!” 

#13: One day he’ll be a famous horror author and this pic will be on the back of his first book.

#14: Spider Eric

#15: Trick or Treating with Cougar Class

#16: As you can see, I always inspire fear and respect in my students.

#17: Look, Mom, no teeth!

#18: It’s always nice to see her come down from her throne to mingle with the commoners.

#19: The “Trying Not to Smile” Smile

#20: If you thought he looked scared in his picture with Santa…

#21: Looks like someone has plans to get a LOT of candy.

#22: Ricky wins the smile contest AGAIN.

#23: “Here ya go, Stella. Give Stanley my best, will ya?”

#24: Check out the pumpkin trying to sneak into the pic.

#25: Like I said, FEAR and RESPECT.

#26: From left to right, the four kinds of drunks: sloppy, happy, angry, and grandpa.  

#27 and #28: The ladies just love bad boys…I mean, wolves.  

#29: Our class’s entry in the pumpkin carving contest. 🙂

#30: Our school’s logo, Halloween style! 🙂

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween this year. 🙂

About J. Wiltz

"Well, you know, there really isn't very much to say about me." - Andy Warhol
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1 Response to Halloween 2012!

  1. Katie Wiltz says:

    Those are precious!!!! You do look all teacherly and stuff!

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