I Cried Tears of Joy Tonight

The indescribable moments of your life
– Billy Corgan

My dear friends and readers –

I’ve waited 11 years to post this update. Forgive me if the words don’t come together just right. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.

You see, just before I logged into WordPress and began typing the words you’re now reading, I was researching some flight details over at Expedia. More specifically, I was looking for a flight that would take me from Seoul to Dublin on June 15th…*pause for effect*…My nearest and dearest already know what’s coming… 🙂 …Ladies and gentlemen, I’m finally going to Bloomsday!

As I said before, I’ve been waiting 11 years for this moment. And just my luck, everything seems to line up perfectly this year. Bloomsday (June 16th) falls on a Saturday. 2012 marks the year when Ulysses comes into the public domain, which means there will be no restrictions on performances and readings. And most importantly, it goes without saying, I am still happily and gainfully employed here in Anyang.

If you have no idea what Bloomsday is or why I’m so interested in being a part of it, please read “Portrait of Another Bitter Bloomsday,” which I wrote back in 2006. It tells the whole story. (You can find a shorter version here.) Or, if you don’t have time for that sort of thing, just know that this is a really big deal to me. Some people get married, have kids, and buy houses. I head out for the horizon.

Special thanks to Tammy Le, Kristian Dorrington, and Jason Kaczmarek for agreeing to cover my classes during my absence. You’re doing me a greater favor than you realize.

And as always, dear readers, thank you for reading. I hope you’ll share in my euphoria now by scrolling down and listening to some of my happy songs. I hope life is giving you a reason to sing your happy songs too.

“Don’t say never to me,”


About J. Wiltz

"Well, you know, there really isn't very much to say about me." - Andy Warhol
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