Tyranny, Resolution, and Playtime

First of all, am I the only one who feels like 2012 is flying by? Seems like only yesterday I was making resolutions for the new year and now it’s almost March. Wow. Anyway, one of my resolutions this year is to keep my mind healthy and active. (Teaching keeps me busy, but there are only so many things you can really learn from doing the Banana Dance and singing “Going On a Bear Hunt.”) So, I’m happy to report that, starting tonight, I’ll be taking an online course with Mises Academy – H440: The Totalitarians.

This course will discuss the roots, philosophies, and economics of the “great” dictators – a subject which, as most of you know, has always interested me:

The obvious question: am I working on another degree? No. Though some universities may accept course hours from Mises, most students take their classes out of simple interest and curiosity. Put another way: it’s not about going to school, it’s about getting an education. I think it will be a great experience, and I’m really looking forward to meeting and studying with other people who just want to know things. 

You can count on me to keep you posted on how it’s going. In the meantime, I invite you – as I have so many times before – to sit back and enjoy my short play “Do Not Collect $200”. A quick synopsis: Napoleon, Lenin, Hitler, and James Joyce meet up to play a round of Monopoly. This was written in 2001 (like I said, the tyrants have always interested me). You can find a short film version above, or, if you want to be old-school about it, you can watch the very first performance (April 2002) below. Or both. Do whatever you want. I’m not the government – I can’t force you to do anything. 🙂 

Wish me luck.


About J. Wiltz

"Well, you know, there really isn't very much to say about me." - Andy Warhol
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