A Few Words Upon Returning

Well, I’m back in South Korea today after spending nearly a week back home in the States for Christmas. Judging from the last picture taken during that trip, I think you’ll agree that I left at just the right time:

If you need this pic translated for you, it basically works like this: my parents are angrily pointing at the door, telling me to get the hell out of their house. As for me, I’m arrogantly obliging their request and saluting them with my middle finger on the way out.

Okay, so this pic is obviously staged. In truth, I had a wonderful time, visiting with friends and family, touring my favorite places, and indulging in all my American-made vices (the McRib, etc). I wish I’d had more time.

But now that I’ve made my first visit home, I just have to wonder: who will be the first person to come visit me? Any takers?

About J. Wiltz

"Well, you know, there really isn't very much to say about me." - Andy Warhol
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2 Responses to A Few Words Upon Returning

  1. Jenna says:

    Me!! Gimme 2 years to finish my degree and I’ll be working over there with you.

  2. Cathy Wiltz says:

    If we win the lottery, we will come over as soon as possible…I know you just can’t wait!!

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