10 Good/Interesting Questions About Peter Pan and Neverland

In addition to my kindergarten class, which has been featured in several pictures and videos here on the blog, I also teach an afternoon class called ACI every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. ACI stands for Advanced Canadian Immersion (I work for a Canadian school) and is geared towards elementary-aged students. Most of them go to Korean schools during the day and then come to ACI to develop their English skills in the evening.

This month we’ve been reading and watching Peter Pan as a means of explaining the major parts of books and stories: character, conflict, theme, rising action, climax, resolution. As a bona fide “Pan fan” I was happy to see it turn up in the curriculum. I was even happier to hear some of the questions my students came up with during a recent discussion.

10 Good/Interesting Questions About Peter Pan and Neverland

1. When describing the location of Neverland, Peter Pan famously points to the sky and says it’s the “second star to the right and straight on ’til morning.” Does this mean Neverland is a planet?

2. Assuming Neverland is a planet, does it follow that Peter Pan is an alien?

3.  There is no air in space. How do the Neverland characters breathe? (It can be argued that Peter Pan and the other characters from Neverland are obviously suited to the environment, but what about John, Michael, and Wendy?)

 4. Why don’t John, Michael, and Wendy suffocate when flying through space?

5. The crocodile that follows Captain Hook has a ticking clock in his belly. Why is there a clock in Neverland? Hasn’t Time basically stopped there?

6. A related question: are there calendars in Neverland? If so, why?

7. Why, exactly, is Peter Pan considered the hero of the story? [The students seemed surprised that neither Peter Pan nor Tinker Bell are what you’d call nice people.]

8. When the characters first arrive in Neverland (in the Disney version), several rainbows are visible in the sky. And yet, it never seems to rain in Neverland. Where do the rainbows come from?

9.  On a similar note, where did Captain Hook come from?

10. And finally, the most frequently asked question among my ACI students…How did Peter Pan and the Lost Boys learn English?

As a student of literature, I’ve spent a great deal of time asking these sorts of pointless questions, and I believe one of my students (Alex) had the best answer for just about all of them:

“That’s why it’s a story.”

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1 Response to 10 Good/Interesting Questions About Peter Pan and Neverland

  1. Natalia says:

    Hello! Two years have passed since you posted the questions, but I just found your post.

    Hope this helps:

    1. Could be, but many argue that it’s an island
    2. No, Tink took him there when he was a baby (see movie Hook)
    3. Neverland can have an atmosphere similar to that on Earth (there is water, earth, a gravitational force, etc.)
    3. Magic…
    4. Same as before, magic…
    5. Time passes (there is night and day), but people don’t grow old
    6. I don’t think there are calendars, but they could be used to count the number of days passed
    7. Peter is the leader of the lost boys, who admire him. He fights the bad guys (pirates) and go on adventures to have fun. He is cocky, but has a good heart. Tink is good too, just that she can be sometimes jealous…
    8. It does rain in Neverland, but I think the multiple rainbows are to show that there are multiple suns. Also, there are cascades that produce mist and this could be the source of rainbows…
    9. I think Hook got to Neverland with magic looking for a treasure…
    10. The Lost Boys got to Neverland as kids, so they knew how to speak it (they came from England). Although Peter has been on his own since a little kid, he has gone to many adventures (even in England) so he must have learned that way. Also, he can speak other languages (he can communicate with the indians and also mermaids…)

    As an end note, remember that there is magic, imagination and a ton of pixie dust involved, so logic won’t always follow 🙂

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