Happy Chuseok!

One of the nicest parts of living in a foreign country is that it allows me to take part in holidays I might otherwise have never heard of. Yesterday, for example, was Chuseok (pronounced “chew-sock”), the Korean version of Thanksgiving. To celebrate Chuseok, many Koreans dress in their traditional hanboks (pronounced “hahn-boke”), prepare elaborate meals, and spend time with their families. I got a small taste of these festivities last Friday when my school hosted a round of Chuseok activities for the students. It was great fun, and thanks to my long-suffering teaching partner, Young, I have lots of pictures to remember the occasion. Here are just a few that really capture the joy and importance of the day. Enjoy.

Oh, and check it out – even the Google logo got in on the celebration. 🙂

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