“Let’s Play Robot Unicorn Attack!”

When I first started working in Korea, several of my fellow teachers assured me that both my classroom and my students would eventually become extensions of my own personality. I didn’t realize how true that statement was until just recently, when a number of my students began adopting my love and enthusiasm for the Adult Swim video game Robot Unicorn Attack.

The three you see in this video – Andy, Olivia, and Jacob – are probably the most enthusiastic gamers in the bunch. Watch carefully and you’ll see them go through all the stages of a great game: joy, anger, taunting, irritation, arguments over whose turn it is to play, etc.

 A few highlights:

0:32 – Olivia tells Andy that he’s “really gooooood” at the game. It sounds like she’s saying “goob” but with a D on the end.

1:20 – Negotiations concerning how many times Andy is allowed to play before Olivia has her next turn commence.

1:35 – From behind the camera I ask Olivia what game they’re playing. She responds with a bit of sarcasm (don’t know who she picked that up from): “Oh, you know it’s Robot Unicorn Attack.”

1:56 – Andy begins teasing Olivia by placing his hand on the screen so she can’t see the game. (Notice that she’s laughing, even though she eventually gets frustrated because she can’t see.) 

2:37 – Listen for the weird laugh.

3:21 – Olivia pulls a con job. After blatantly disrupting Andy’s game by covering the screen, she informs him that he can play “one more time, okay?” Andy objects, noting that Olivia has played five or six games in a row. She then turns the whole thing around and says that the reason she played so many times is because Andy was covering the screen. So first she laughs at what he’s doing, then she does it back to him, and then she uses it as an excuse to have more game-time. It’s like women are born knowing how to do this stuff!

3:37 – “Jacob! What are you doing?”

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"Well, you know, there really isn't very much to say about me." - Andy Warhol
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